How to use Open Office Impress

Impress is the easiest and fastest way to generate effective multimedia presentations. Amazing animation and spectacular special effects will help you convince any discriminating audience. Create professional presentations to impress everybody. You can start Impress in several ways:

  • From the Start Center: click the Presentation icon if no other component of Open Office is open
  • From the Quick starter or the system menu. Details may vary with your operating system
  • From any Open Office open component. Tap the triangle beside the New icon contained in the main toolbar and choose Presentation from the drop-list menu, or select “File > New > Presentation” from the menu bar.

When starting Impress for the first time, you will be introduced to the Presentation Wizard. If you do not want to use the Wizard, click “Do not show this wizard again.”

The main Impress window. Choose Create to open the main Impress window.

The main Impress window is composed of three parts: “the Slides pane, the Workspace, and the Tasks pane”. There are also a number of toolbars that may be shown or hidden while creating of a presentation. To maximize your Workspace area, you may opt to remove the Tasks pane or the Slides pane with a click on the X mark in the top right corner of every pane. You can also hide or display these panes by using “View > Slide Pane or View > Task Pane” or by a click on the Hide/Show marker in the center of the vertical separator line.

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