What is Open Office?


Open Office 3 Software Suite

Open Office is a free office suite for Windows. It is a collection of five applications that work together in order to achieve what today’s office software is capable of. These applications are Calc which is used for creating and modifying speadsheets, Draw which is used for creating graphics, Writer which is used for word processing, Impress which is used for making and managing presentations and Base which is used for creating and modifying databases.

Open Office is an open source application which means that it can be downloaded, installed as well as redistributed completely free, no overinflated prices or license worries. Open Office is supported by the donations of companies all over the world that enjoy our product. Download Open Office Free from out homepage. Simply click the download button and follow the steps.

How to use Open Office Impress

Impress is the easiest and fastest way to generate effective multimedia presentations. Amazing animation and spectacular special effects will help you convince any discriminating audience. Create professional presentations to impress everybody. You can start Impress in several ways:

  • From the Start Center: click the Presentation icon if no other component of Open Office is open
  • From the Quick starter or the system menu. Details may vary with your operating system
  • From any Open Office open component. Tap the triangle beside the New icon contained in the main toolbar and choose Presentation from the drop-list menu, or select “File > New > Presentation” from the menu bar.

When starting Impress for the first time, you will be introduced to the Presentation Wizard. If you do not want to use the Wizard, click “Do not show this wizard again.”

The main Impress window. Choose Create to open the main Impress window.

The main Impress window is composed of three parts: “the Slides pane, the Workspace, and the Tasks pane”. There are also a number of toolbars that may be shown or hidden while creating of a presentation. To maximize your Workspace area, you may opt to remove the Tasks pane or the Slides pane with a click on the X mark in the top right corner of every pane. You can also hide or display these panes by using “View > Slide Pane or View > Task Pane” or by a click on the Hide/Show marker in the center of the vertical separator line.

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Open Office Features

The Open Office suite pretty much covers everything you will ever need from a word processor, presentation software, spreadsheet, a drawing program and an equation editor. It can open major formats such as MS Office almost perfectly, saves to PDF, has a useful help guide, and spellchecks in 15 languages. So what more can you ask for?  Maybe we can take a closer look at the finer details of its major features:

The Entire Suite

Open Office yields a powerful yet unassuming environment for your project. All of the features in this segment are used throughout the suite and aid to give it a distinctive character.

Export and Import

The capability to export and import many different types of templates and documents in a variety of formats from MS Office XP to HTML. You can work effortlessly with your friends, officemates, colleagues, or schoolmates, with any kind of computer you may be using. Although the Open Office Open File Formats are regarded by developers as  technically superior, they still designed the Open Office suite to conform to older applications, having in mind the many users who may still using and are locked to  other old word processors and applications. So now, you have the option to set Open Office for use in any other file format by default. Import address lists from Netscape 6.x, LDAP or Mozilla 7. You do not have to keep on typing entry of those contact details.

Multilingual Applications

Unicode support allows twenty three localizations of Open Office. To date the system is offered in 15 languages and more languages are added every now and then. In time, not only will Open Office run on absolutely anything but it will also run in any language. Runs on almost every modern operating system.

Enhanced Printing Options

Enhanced printing capabilities and options on all platforms, with extensions like ‘Print to PDF’ under UNIX. If you want operate the ‘paperless office’ you can create ‘digital paper’ PDF files that can be read on anything. Open Office is all about bringing hi-technology computing closer to the ordinary user.


Autopilot guides you through creating complex documents, clearly and precisely. This is convenient for users who are looking for help on how to do it.  It asks you a few simple questions, before proceeding to create a template for you for repetitive use. Impress everybody with your brilliant skills, but never reveal the autopilot!


The Stylist lets you to instantly alter the entire look of your document. It’s that tiny box in the corner of the screen and it can also get a consistent look and apply formatting throughout the entire document. Just select a cell, an object or some text and choose a different option to move swiftly and easily between styles. You can either create your own or use built-in defaults.


A local XML file format for small and powerful documents. File size is normally half of MS Office formats. You are buying into the future and your documents, even in a simple text editor, will always be readable.

Software Development

The powerful Open Office API lets you create outside functions to influence the power of the suite by just how you need it. If you are an Independent programmer, you may use the Open Office free software development kit (SDK) to extend the suite in ways you want it to behave.

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